Experience and Technology Combined to Support Clinical Team Success

In 2009, a new customer-support team was formed to focus solely on identifying ways that web-based technology coupled with clinical trials knowledge and expertise could ignite new solutions to help clinical trial teams succeed, in both domestic and world-wide studies.

The core Clinical Stream team includes individuals with 20-30 years experience in all things Pharmaceutical – from product launches and trade shows to patient education and continuing education, as well as individuals who have years of first-hand experience in clinical trials.

The tools developed over the years are now available and easily adaptable to the unique clinical trial needs of different companies. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, efficient, time saving and cost saving solutions for your clinical trial teams.

Our Brand Promise:

  • Make life as simple as possible
  • Simplify procedures to eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Support your business goals and objectives
  • Anticipate your needs
  • Provide superb client support because your time matters
  • Deliver products when and where you need them
  • Commit to product innovation and improvement
  • Limit your uncertainty
  • Stand by our product and provide absolute satisfaction
  • Become your true partner

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