Translations with a Printing Perspective

Because clinical trials are taking place worldwide, you need to be able to communicate with clinicians and participants in their native language.  But more important, the communication needs be professional and understood by industry experts including the use of current medical terminology and culturally sensitive language.

As printing experts, we check every document file for printability precision through every step of translation, review and certification. We work hand-in-glove with premier life-science translators. If you have a translator under contract, we can work directly with them on your behalf further streamlining your processes and reducing costs, as we generally do not charge project management fees.

Translation estimates, projects and the trafficking of review files can be managed efficiently through final approvals and certification. Print-ready PDFs are pre-loaded into the printing tool for ease of ordering.

Since much of what is translated becomes printed, taking responsibility for files from start to finish simply makes good sense in any language. In fact, we translate for over 100 different languages.

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All the Support You Need

Everything you need to support your clinical trials from one trusted partner.  For over five years we have been trusted by top pharmaceutical teams with print, study supplies, site kits and translation services so that clinical teams can concentrate on completing  trials and getting products to market.

Clinical Printing

Our specialty is on-line clinical trials printing made easy. Mini-protocols, I/E cards, flow charts, recruitment materials and much more.

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Study Supplies

Our sourcing team can provide the necessary branded and industry approved participant and site supplies exactly when needed.

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Kitting & Distribution

Study kits can be customized, assembled and distributed direct to sites worldwide or in cooperation with your existing logistics network.

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Translation Services

Professional life-science translation services are available facilitating review through certification and readied for on-line print ordering.

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